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Building on the sound reputation of our 16PF® Questionnaire, IPAT continues to research and develop some of the world's most widely used measures of personality and behavior to benefit professionals in the human resources, psychology, counseling, and consulting fields.

These professionals know that today's full scope of IPAT psychological assessment tools and interpretive reports are proven contributors to better decisions about people - from screening and selecting for employment to evaluating how to work with a counseling client or coaching an executive for personal and professional growth.

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IPAT - Assessment Tools

Assessments Reports  

16PF Questionnaire
16PF Spanish-American Questionnaire

16PF Career Development Report
16PF Career Success Report
16PF Cattell Comprehensive Personality Interpretation
16PF Competency Report
16PF Comprehensive Insights Report
16PF Interpretive Report
16PF Karson Clinical Report

16PF Leadership Coaching Report
16PF Management Potential Report
16PF Profile & Manager Feedback Report
16PF Profile Report
16PF Protective Services Report
16PF Security Selection Report
16PF Teamwork Development Report

16PF Adolescent Personality Questionnaire

16PF APQ Guidance Report

16PF APQ Psychological Report

16PF Psychological Evaluation Questionnaire

16PF Psychological Evaluation Report

16PF Protective Services Report Plus

Additional Assessments & Reports

16PF Couple's Counseling Questionnaire
Adult Personality Inventory
Children's Personality Questionnaire
Early School Personality Questionnaire
Emotional Judgment Inventory
Hilson Background Investigation Inventory - Revised

Hilson Career Satisfaction Index
Hilson Life Adjustment Profile
Hilson Management Inventory
Hilson Personnel Profile/Success Quotient
Hilson Safety/Security Risk Inventory
Inwald Personality Inventory-2

Inwald Survey 2
Inwald Survey 5
Inwald Survey 5-R
Inwald Survey 8
Personnel Reaction Blank

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