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Personality Assessments for Better People Insights

Talent Management
Supplement your expertise with reliable and valid personality insights for sound HR decisions.

Safety & Security
Address the challenges of screening and selecting candidates who are best suited for high-risk occupations.

Improve your recruitment process using personality-based job fit scores.

IPAT, the Institute for Personality and Ability Testing, Inc., publishes the 16PF Questionnaire, the premier assessment of normal adult personality, providing insights into behaviors for organizations selecting or developing employees, for colleges regarding student career development, or for individuals/couples in counseling settings.

From Recruitment to Talent
Management – One Report

When the ACCO Brands HR team sought an assessment tool that could be used throughout the employment life cycle – from talent acquisition to evaluating, coaching and development of employees – they turned to the 16PF Competency Report.

Best Practice in
Hiring Security Officers

Introducing the new 16PF Security Selection Report, a defensible selection tool that reduces the risk and expense of bad hires by assessing the most important characteristics for effective job performance in the security industry. Read our new Case Study

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